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Ten Calendars For 2010

For all the uses of a calendar—marking engagements, identifying days, counting down time and organizing schedules—digital might suffice but nothing beats the charm of a well-designed paper version. More than just a simple record of duties and celebrations, calendars themselves add a chic touch to environments with beautiful illustrations and images. Past years, we’ve highlighted calendars from MWM, Tielen, Studio On Fire and Stephen Turbeck and this year we gathered together ten more to keep 2010 festive all year round.

artists-bikes-calendar1.jpg artists-bikes-calendar2.jpg

Artists on Their Bicycles New York Calendar
This limited edition calendar features artists such as Ryan McGinley, David Byrne with Cindy Sherman, Maurizio Cattelan and Amy Granat, all on their bikes around NYC, captured by Swiss photographer Lukas Wassmann. A run of 500, each comes numbered and sells from the Swiss Institute of Contemporary Art New York for $45.


Pentagram Typography Calendar
The typography calendar from the famed multi-disciplinary design studio Pentragram is a font nerd’s delight. Each month features a different font with a brief explanation of it and the its designer. Available in a small or large size, Veer carries both for $26-44.


Crispin Finn 2010 Year Planner
The over-sized, hand-printed calendar from Crispin Finn allows a full-year view, with space to write plans (and erase them) on its 100% recycled paper composition. Ideal for offices or the immensely organized, the calendar’s simple motif can make a dramatic statement spanning 40″ x 28″. It sells from Crispin Finn for £10.

mustache-cal2.jpg mustache-cal1.jpg

The Moustache Calendar
The wire-bound moustache calendar features black-and-white, medium format photos of the «sex-confident» students and alumni from the Rhode Island School of Design. A limited edition, the calendar sells for $15 online or at independent bookshops in Providence, Rhode Island.

linda-harriet-cal2.jpg linda-harriet-cal1.jpg

Linda & Harriett Calendar
Fastened together with a ribbon, the Linda & Harriett calendar includes 12 letterpressed cards, each with a month view on one side and a detachable postcard image on the reverse. It’s available from Linda & Harriett for $30.

caitlin-keagan2.jpg caitlin-keagan1.jpg

Caitlin Keegan Radial Calendar
Brooklyn-based illustrator Caitlin Keegan prints her radial calendar using soy-based inks on recycled paper. The engaging design allows for a year-long view and provides enough space to note important dates each month. The calendar can be purchased for $25 from her online shop or at the upcoming Lena Corwin holiday sale.—Julie Wolfson

dbros-cal1.jpg dbros-cal2.jpg

D-Bros Joy By Day By Toy Calendar
From the creative Japanese design studio D-Bros this interactive calendar begins as a blank slate but soon gets filled with favorite activities through the use of clever stickers. Known for their quirky but sharp designs, D-Bros is the child of design agency Draft Co., Ltd., who believes that strong design plays a huge role in the future of society. Colette carries it for €40.—JW

fornasetti-calendar.jpg moleskine-calendar-desk.jpg

Fornasetti 2010 Calendar Plate
A yearly tradition since 1968, the Fornasetti handmade porcelain calendar plate is a limited edition of 700, each numbered and signed by the artist who painted the piece. An Italian sculptor, painter and interior decorator, Fornasetti is still celebrated today in items like scarves and wallpaper. The calendar plate sells from Unica Home for $326.

Moleskine Daily Desk Calendar
The small but generous daily desk calendar from Moleskine serves as both a calendar and daily planner with ample space for jotting down notes. Boasting standard Moleskine features, the calendar comes with an expandable inner pocket and an elastic-band closure, from MoMA Store for $20.

puzzle-calendar.jpg canoecalendar1.jpg

Puzzle Calendar
A fun desk accessory that keeps life organized, the perpetual puzzle calendar includes numbers and icon blocks that denote holidays and special events, all easily rearranged month to month. It’s available from Paper Source for $13.

One Canoe Two Letterpress Calendar Poster
From the letterpress studio One Canoe Two, the hand-printed poster calendar reflects the objects found in everyday life with drawings of items such as hammers, scissors, cameras and kitchen utensils. Printed on sturdy paper, the limited edition poster is available from the Missouri-based studio’s Etsy shop for $75.—JW

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